Our Demo Farm with Rice Field

This farmer has been facing challenges in his rice field for many years. The yield of this plot of his field is very low, 250 kg per one rai. He is using our ThaiPhil Plant Food Supplement this year hoping to get more increase in December.

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Our client from Philippines

This is our first time to set our foot in the Philippines. We gave out samples to selected farmers in Luzon, North of the Philippines. After the harvest this year (2020), farmers who used our product has experienced huge and improved increase in their produce.

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Our Community Services

Beaumont Ruam Pattana School is Beaumont Partnership Foundation’s socially responsible initiatives. The school is not only providing quality journey of education for the poor in Chaiyaphum, but also sustainable living style for its students. 

With helps from various organizations, they have started the “Natural Garden” providing organic vegetable to students and interested companies. We are so delighted to be part of this wonderful project.

Latest News

Our latest news covers stories of successful farmers who have changed their lives from struggles to being blessings to other farmers next door.

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