My name is Joel Panigbatan, a farmer in Sulipa, Gerona, Tarlac, Phlippines. The rice field I am taking care of is about 1.5 hectares as you can see in the picture.
I am using the ThaiPhil Plant Food Supplement for 3 years and my harvest keeps on adding and the grains are more packed and heavy. In the past years there was only one time that I could reach 130 cavans and less on the succeeding years. But this time it reached 140 cavans and did not experience lower than 130 cavans if there are no typhoons that will destroy the crop.

I got this nano tech product from my brother-in-law who works in Thailand. He asked me to try this product. I still do my customary way of farming and added this nano tech soil enhancer. I got a big difference. Plants become much stronger and more productive. The soil is enhanced too. 
Thank you for this ThaiPhil Plant Food Supplement and Soil enhancer.

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